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Our Goals and Aspirations Strategy is structured around six broad Outcome Areas

• Inclusive and accessible communities—the physical environment including public transport, parks, buildings and housing, digital information and communications technologies, and civic life including social, sporting, recreational and cultural life

• Rights protection, justice and legislation—statutory protections such as antidiscrimination measures, complaints mechanisms, advocacy, and the electoral and justice systems

• Economic security—jobs, business opportunities, financial independence, adequate income support for those not able to work, and housing

Personal and community support—inclusion and participation in the community, person-centred care and support provided by specialist disability services and mainstream services, and informal care and support

• Learning and skills—early childhood education and care, schools, further education, vocational education, transitions from education to employment, and lifelong learning

• Health and wellbeing—health services, health promotion and the interaction between health and disability systems, wellbeing and enjoyment of life.


The programs are planned in a way that the staff scaffold the participants chosen activities. This is different in the way that the staff are not caring for the participant but are educating them on how to become as independent as possible in their activity and to empower the individual. Our staff are referred to as educators and participants as individuals to maintain respect.


Additional Needs Education sessions can be provided seven days a week 24hours a day.
Session times and locations are agreed upon in advance to meet the best interest of the individuals involved.
The company is closed annually from December 24th to January 2nd.
All single sessions are required to be 2 or more hours in length.



The Purpose of the Goals and Aspiration Project (GAP) is to ensure that the individuals’ needs are being met, their rights are being implemented and desires are being respected.
This is achieved by documenting each session and recording the progress towards the goals and aspiration set. We aim to use a holistic approach to the project as well as providing a format to extend and set new goals for the future.
Individuals and their family are leading their education and having their aspirations heard, no matter the complexity of their hope and dreams.




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