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The Purpose of the Goals and Aspiration Project (GAP) is to ensure that the individuals’ needs are being met, their rights are being implemented and desires are being respected.
This is achieved by documenting each session and recording the progress towards the goals and aspiration set. We aim to use a holistic approach to the project as well as providing a format to extend and set new goals for the future.
Individuals and their family are leading their education and having their aspirations heard, no matter the complexity of their hope and dreams.

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This program has been very popular, due to the vast range of projects. The art and craft activities have included, woodwork, pottery, sewing, screen printing, candle making, gardening, and the list goes on.

Tapping into a participants interests helps to enrich engagement and provide a platform to explore skills out of their comfort zone. Whether it be participating in a group session or mastering a new task, participants show pride in their accomplishments.  


The cooking classes are run one on one or in small groups. The ANE cook book contains recipes provide by participants and their families, as well as new requests. When participants request a dish they would like to learn how to make. They begin the process of researching the recipe, shopping for the ingredients and then cooking the meal. During this process life skills are practiced, from hygiene to, fine motor skills, time management and mathematics. 

At the end of each term the participants host a family dinner to showcase their talents.

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The programs are planned in a way that the staff scaffold the participants chosen activities. This is different in the way that the staff are not only caring for the participant but are educating them on how to become as independent as possible in their activity and to empower the individual. Our staff are referred to as educators to maintain respect. All programs are participant lead.